Tuesday, September 27, 2005

a break for tea and reflection during the work day

sharing oolong tea yesterday on a covered porch, french creek roaring in the ravine below, we talked about rivers... actual rivers that we know, and others that we've discovered in books, including the metaphorical/metaphysical river of herman hesse's siddhartha...

the night before, i had dreamed of a river, a journey, and an unexpected discovery.

returning to the abyss

in some versions of the i ching, k'an (hexagram 29, the abysmal) is translated as "gorge," a steep ravine through which a stream flows.

i'll return to bachelard soon, to water and dreams.


french creek reservation
herman hesse, siddhartha (online version)
wickipedia, i ching hexagram 29

... and remembering tea...

oolong tea



Blogger Suz said...

Have you ever considered the symbolism of the tarot card-the hanged man-one of its meanings is beware death by drowning. I just thought of it because of water anaologies, and it's a bit off-sort of like me.

5:42 PM  

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