Wednesday, November 30, 2005


from barbara kingsolver's intoxicating prodigal summer to thoughts of alchemy, to concepts of sacred/secret/revealed spaces...

to water, dreams, and tea...

my art/thought spaces evolve -- the attic room, the inner sanctuary, this in-between place...

i promised to revisit bachelard's water and dreams
and now mircea eliade's the forge and the crucible has left the shelf and found my hands
what to do?

the alchemical processes continue

hexagram 24. fu/return (the turning point)

the judgment:
return. success.
going out and coming in without error.
friends come without blame.
to and fro goes the way.
on the seventh day comes return.
it furthers one to have somewhere to go.


mircea eliade, the forge and the crucible
barbara kingsover, prodigal summer
wickipedia, i ching hexagram 24
the alchemy website

and tea...

alan macfarlane and iris macfarlane, the empire of tea: the remarkable history of the plant that took over the world (not the fairy tale!)

drink deep!


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