Monday, January 02, 2006

oracle (an experiment)...

patterns appear in inner and outer worlds, brought into being through the interplay of random elements and conscious mind. this has always interested me. as have the epiphanies that arise from encounters at the margins and interstices of existence...

engaging with priciples of change, interdependence and synchronicity, i've been exploring ever-increasing levels of the random, in search of insight into the dynamics of experience.

the process begins with oracular (i ching) readings, which are mediated through the alchemy of observation, discussion, reflection and dream... this leads to images and to sets of words, which, as strings entered into a search engine, generate fragmented soliloquies from the random thoughts of the world wide web.

i do not claim authorship of these streams of thought: they are assemblages of the words of many, coming together in a particular moment through the process of inquiry.

i find them compelling...

(i repeat myself... the above text was written in 2001 for oracle, which began as part of conceptvessel, and edited today for thisconceptvessel... a new oracle, alchemy, was posted yesterday, january 1, 2006...)

alchemy/the cauldron

alchemy evolved along with thisconceptvessel, after a july 7, 2005 reading of the i ching resulted in:

50: ting/the cauldron
above: the clinging, fire
below: the gentle, penetrating, wind
... which led me to thoughts of cauldrons, to the relationship between conceptvessel and cauldron, and to a deeper contemplation of alchemical processes...

this has been a six-month process, involving much unconscious and conscious activity, and many, many pots of tea...

i'll return to thoughts of the cauldron, to bachelard's water and dreams, and to the connections between them, soon...

... in this alchemical vessel...

a few resources for the journey

oracle (on
wilhelm/baynes, the i ching or book of changes

and remembering tea...

pure one, organic green tea from the mountains of taiwan (pale green heaven, imported by a friend)

be well,


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