Tuesday, April 25, 2006

musing this morning...

... on the nature of interdependence...

meditation on the sutra of dependent co-arising
scanned, assembled and altered image
april 25, 2006

"within this world you see things that appear to be born and they die, apparently independent of each other. the grapefruit is independent of the lemon. but in the dharmadhatu, the lotus is not different from the meditation hall, a man is not different from his brother, all things are interconnected; in the one is the all."

thich nhat hanh, from dharma talk on the sutras of dependent co-arising and great emptiness (online from plum village)

resources for the journey

the mindfulness bell: a journal of the art of mindful living (online)
web of life, the summer 2004 issue of parabola
peter schmidt, "'instant relatives': finding family photos in second-hand stores"
jean-pierre jeunet, amelie (dvd)

and remembering tea...

amy uyematsu, "tea," a poem for thich nhat hanh (online from woodmoor village)

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