Thursday, November 02, 2006

the alchemy of connection ...

letter to melina (in an october sky)
scanned, assembled and altered image
october 22, 2006
[images are portals]

letters are flying... a message to mel-pin in athens, greece... from conceptvessel in cleveland, ohio... part of the letter's lives group project on flickr...

a reading from the spanish poet antonio machado:

what the poet is looking for
is not the fundamental i
but the deep you

resources for the journey:

letter to melina (in an october sky) on flickr
next letter, by mel-pin (her alchemical image of my letter)
mel-pin's photostream on flickr
letter's lives on flickr
friendship-companions on the path, the winter 2004 issue of parabola

and remembering tea and friends...

classic india spice tea from yogi (brewing as i write)

love and best wishes,


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