Friday, July 06, 2007

the language of the heart...

summer musings: letter from a poet...
july 6, 2007
scanned, assembled and altered image

let us speak only the language of the heart
when we whisper together
our words
will be angels...

dear friends!! today, let us honor the poets whose words have opened our hearts and liberated our minds... including our dear friend rainer maria rilke who advises us to live our questions...

thank you to magic fly paula for the inspiration of her power of words/power of writing...

resources for the journey:

rilke on poetry chaikhana
power of words/power of writing, by magic fly paula
letter from a poet, by conceptvessel
come closer, to read rilke's words...
summer musings, by conceptvessel

and remembering tea and friends...

perfectly pear white tea, from celestial seasonings
send a postcard, from celestial seasonings

may all travelers find what the heart seeks...
love and best wishes,


Blogger madelyn said...

I love that quote from Rilke that
luminous man of rare and tender

am living my way into the

i am quite good at it!

for the longest while I would
carry that quote everywhere with

it is beautiful how it is a little
firefly glowing in your


10:15 PM  
Blogger jeanne said...

rilke is among the heart's true friends... and i am happy to know that we share this love of his life and words.

thank you for your presence here maddie. one day soon, i hope to return to cultivating the garden of this blog. perhaps in the spring. :)

love to you!!

8:51 AM  

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