Tuesday, June 27, 2006

reflecting this afternoon...

... on the nature of devotion ...

scanned and altered image

a reading from the 13th century sufi poet rumi:

daylight, full of small dancing particles
and the one great turning, our souls
are dancing with you, without feet, they dance.
can you see them when i whisper in your ear?

resources for the journey

coleman barks, the essential rumi
and other resources on conceptvessel

and remembering family tea traditions

"sweet tea" on wickipedia

love and best wishes,

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

reflecting this afternoon...

... on the nature of joy ...

meditation (infinite joy)
scanned and altered image

resources for the journey

mark epstein, what the buddha felt (audio)
daniel goleman, et al, the creative spirit
the art/thought of nick bantock, author of griffin & sabine
barbara hodgeson, the sensualist and the tatooed map
nova - the elegant universe (string's the thing)
online magnetic poetry

and not to forget tea...

an illustration of the mad hatter's tea party

enjoy the journey!

Monday, June 12, 2006

reflecting tonight...

... on the alchemy of the heart ...

shrine to my mother

scanned, assembled and altered image
june 12, 2006

resources for the journey

clarissa pinkola estes, women who run with the wolves
john o'donohue, anam cara: wisdom from the celtic world (audio)
mary oliver: online poems
gehlek rimpoche, the tara box: rituals for protection and healing from the female buddha

and remembering tea

lifeboat tea from blue moon

love and best wishes,

Sunday, June 11, 2006

musing this morning...

... on the fluidity of experience ...


mantra ii
assembled flickr tags (of jeanne grossetti's images on flickr)
june 11, 2006

resources for the soul's journey

"release" on find the time to rhyme (david pohl)
akira kurosawa's dreams (dvd)
tao te ching, by lao tzu, english version by stephen mitchell
"water meditation" search on google

and tea

gung fu tea ceremony with friends at earth garden

jade poured hot water into a vessel filled with green leaves, and we observed a moment of alchemy, as the tea released its essence to the waiting liquid...

earth garden, 5158 wilson mills road, richmond heights, ohio 44143, 440-684-1888

drink deep!

Friday, June 02, 2006

reflecting this evening...

... on the nature of perception ...

scanned and altered image
june 2, 2006

moving through electrified waters,
an epiphany of sapphire light
transforms perception...

sharing tea, shelter, and conversation

decaf mango ceylon, from the republic of tea

resources for the journey

gaston bachelard, water and dreams: an essay on the imagination of matter
joseph campbell and bill moyers, the power of myth (dvd)
james hillman, a blue fire
peter weir, the last wave (dvd)

savor the journey!!