Tuesday, September 12, 2006

reflecting this evening...

... on the nature of reverence ...

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september 10, 2006

that which we acquire by contemplation we should spend in love.

- adapted from meister eckhart -

i bought this beautiful small cloth at the jewel heart store in ann arbor, michigan, a few years ago... to place on the small study table which would hold the dharma texts i was studying in the meditation room and at home...

resources for the journey

meister eckhart in the internet encyclopedia of philosophy
jewel heart tibetan buddhist center
the still points in your soul

and remembering tea...

a reading from thich nhat hahn:

in the buddhist tradition, we have the practice of mindful breathing, of mindful walking, to generate the energy of mindfulness. it is exactly with that energy of mindfulness that we can recognize, embrace, and transform our anger. mindfulness is the kind of energy that helps us to be aware of what is going on inside of us and around us, and anybody can be mindful. if you drink a cup of tea and you know that you are drinking a cup of tea, that is mindful drinking. when you breathe in and you know that you are breathing in, and you focus your attention on your in-breath, that is mindfulness of breathing. when you make a step and you are aware you are making a step, that is called mindfulness of walking. the basic practice in zen centers, meditation centers, is the practice of generating mindfulness every moment of your daily life. when you are angry, you are aware that you are angry. because you already have the energy of mindfulness in you created by the practice, that is why you have enough of it in order to recognize, embrace, look deeply, and understand the nature of your suffering.

- thich nhat hanh, from "embracing anger"

love and best wishes,