Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the soul of tea and friendship ...

magic of tea (the generous fishes)
scanned and altered image
december 14, 2005

the delights of sharing tea with friends...

through an alchemy of the senses and the heart, these objects with which we live become imbued with meaning... and become the material of our reveries and dreams...

a legend of tea:

stories say that in 2700 b.c. emperor shen nung, scholar and herbalist, discovered the magic of tea while sipping hot water under a wild tea tree. as he sat a drift of leaves floated into his cup from above. he sipped, he thought and he discovered, much like the tea drinkers of today.

from tea time world history

resources for the journey:

alain stella, et.al, the little book of tea
mmm. teacakes! from stitchwitch, on flickr
the soul of objects, on flickr
tea time world tea history
tea resources on conceptvessel.net

and a tea for the journey...

darjeeling estate golden tipped from stash

drink deep!!